The Weir are a family of people who have magical powers and roots in Anglo-Saxon Britain. All members of the Weir carry a Weirstone or crystal behind their hearts. The stone itself is a repository of memory and innate magic. However if the stone is removed; the Weir bearer will die. According to the legend, the stones of power were taken from the Weirstone, a crystal outcropping in Raven's Ghyll, Cumbria, England. The Weir gift is passed down through families though not all inherit the stone, and some families are mixed, particularly in the Americas. Back in the 17th century a family of Weir fled to the Americas in hopes of escaping the blood shed in Europe. The Weir family later adopted the sigil of the Silver Bear. Because mixed marriages and so on, many of the Weir in the Americas are unaware they even carry the gift. Fortunately today, many Wizards have established genealogical databases to locate the unaware Weir. A Weir's power can be suppressed through the use of certain potions, preparations, and are not effective in consecrated buildings such as churches. Anawizard Weir are not easily identified by Wizards when they are not using their powers. But the Anawizard Weir can generally recognize the power of Wizard through a kind of aura, and by shaking hands with them. Of course the possible exception of an Enchanter, use of power is usually immediately identifiable by any heir. Among them, are five magical Guilds: Wizards, Enchanters, Sorcerers, Warriors, and Soothsayers. Within the Weir hierarchy, Wizards are the most powerful and ruling house, because of a covenant that was created by the first Wizard, and enslaving the others to his will. Of the Guilds, power is not influenced by gender, therefore men and women can inherit any of the stones and so belong to any of the five guilds.