Gender: Male
Guild: Wizard
Relations: Linda Downey (Mother)
Leander Hastings (Father)
Jack Swift (Cousin)
Becka Downey (Aunt)
Madison Moss (Girlfriend)
Physical Appearance
Eye Color: Keleidoscopic
Hair Color: Brown
Chronological Appearances
First Appeared In: The Wizard Heir
Last Appeared In: The Dragon Heir
Status: Alive

Joseph McCauley, known simply as "Seph" is a Wizard, and the cousin of Jack Swift. His mother is Linda Downey and his father is Leander Hastings.  He first appeared in The Wizard Heir.  


He can be serious at times, but cares deeply for his friends. He has a sense of humor. He also flirts with girls, but not since he began dating Madison Moss.

The Wizard HeirEdit

The Dragon HeirEdit


He was best friends with Jason Haley before his death, he is on friendly terms with his cousin, Jack Swift. He is unofficially dating and stayed a bit with the elicitor Madison Moss. He had good relations with his mother, aunt, and father.