Gender: Male
Guild: Wizard, Warrior
Relations: Becka Downey (Mother)
Thomas Swift (Father)
Seph McCauley (Cousin)
Linda Downey (Aunt)
Ellen Stephenson (Girlfriend)
Physical Appearance
Chronological Appearances
First Appeared In: The Warrior Heir
Last Appeared In: The Dragon Heir
Status: Alive

Jackson Downey Swift is a Weirlind with unique abilities.  He was meant to be a wizard, but was born without a Weirstone.  Jessamine Longbranch inserted a warrior stone in him instead of a wizard, which allowed him to have both the abilities of a warrior and a wizard.  His parents are Becky Downey and Thomas Swift.  His current girlfriend is Ellen Stephenson, and Seph McCauley is his cousin.  


The Warrior HeirEdit


Jack Swift had an unusual birth.  He was born a Weir, a wizard specifically, but without a wizard stone.  Without this stone, he would not be able to survive.  Jessamine Longbranch, the doctor who assisted in his birth, and also a Wizard herself, put a Warrior stone in him instead of a Wizard stone since Wizard Stones were much harder to find and she wanted to see if she could breed warriors for The Games.  Her experiment was successful, and Jack Swift was born a Weirlind.[1]


The Shadowslayer is Jack's sword, before him Susannah Downey's. It is the last of the Seven Great Blades.

The Wizard HeirEdit

The Dragon HeirEdit


Ellen StephensonEdit

Ellen Stephenson started out as a good friend to Jack, but Jack later found feelings for her, and she is currently his girlfriend.